Salem Villa

Salem Villa is our home for young girls. Established in 2001 we moved through various rented sites until we finally established our base in our present residence. We started with a single-story building and have since added a further story and an outbuilding. The children live in shared rooms that are arranged by age, with the youngest being overlooked by one of the elder children.
The home is run by a manager and assisted by 3 further staff who take on various responsibilities on site. Due to the location of the site, we also have a small mini-bus and a driver to take our children to and from church, school and to special events. By the Grace and provision of God we are able to provide for all the children’s food, clothing and education, and actively encourage our children to get involved in extra-curricular activities. Our girls are particularly interested in music, and arts and crafts.
We are very happy to see that many of the girls who grew up in the home have chosen to stay on to help nurture the younger girls. They act as ‘Akki’s’ (Big Sister’s) to the newcomers, and help them transition into the home; this has become a fundamental bedrock of our homes as children often need help and understanding to settle in.

The girls have warm hearts and vibrant personalities and they always leave a lasting impression on anyone who spends any time with them.