Our Misson Statement

Based on Christian principles, to nurture a self sufficient generation of contributors in Sri Lanka through:

  • The provision of housing and care, upbringing and establishment in life of Children and vulnerable adults without a suitable home or guardians able or willing to accommodate them.
  • The advancement of the education of those in need, by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage, including cast or faith and prejudice.
  • The prevention or relief of poverty through opportunities of training and education and, in acute cases, offer of food and clothing to ease suffering.
  • The provision or relief of suffering for Christians who are a disadvantaged minority, with access to literature and companionship counselling and support.
  • The relief of the effects of old age, isolation and poverty related to age difficulties, such as those providing residential and drop-in day center facilities, to meet their urgent needs, this will include others who are considered vulnerable adults.