Christian Audio Video and Literature Services

CAVALS is solely service oriented and registered with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Social Services. There are currently 4 arms to CAVALS’ provision:


We have a Board of Management comprising six committed Christians who give of their time and skills voluntarily.  They do not receive any remuneration.  Our staff of approximately eighteen persons, work to co-ordinate a wide range of programs. In addition to this, a centralised finance and admin team provide outsourced back office support to Footprints. Staff are dedicated to the cause and choose to commit their time and resources as an act of service; they are paid a monthly salary or an allowance.


Launched in the 1950’s CAVALS offered Christian literature services to Sri Lanka. The ‘Library’ service was originally hosted at a local church in the Borella area of Sri Lanka’s Capital, Colombo. It didn’t take long before the need to dedicated premises became apparent. From then until now, CAVALS has been run out of various rented premises and currently resides on the outskirts of Colombo. The library shares premises with the pre-school and the school and also plays host to the staff.

Links with Footprints

In 2001, the first children’s home was opened. For a short while services were operated under CAVALS, however, the needs of the children were different to the needs of CAVALS, for this reason, Footprints was formed and currently operates to service the care needs of the children.

Many of the board members share roles within CAVALS and Footprints. As demands increase and services diversify, this may change going forward.