Who are we?

Pearl of Hope is a small UK based organisation set up to support the works of CAVALS (Christian Audio Visual and Literature Services) and Footprints – 2 Sri Lankan based charitable organisations. We work to facilitate the ongoing management and growth of these organisations exclusively and are aligned with their values and principles. The basic premise of our mission is to:

      1. Provide for Children’s Wellbeing
        • By helping and supporting children from high risk environments
      2. Assist with Children’s Education
        • By educating children so they can stand on their own feet in society
      3. Promote and execute Evangelism & Counselling
        • By spreading the truth of Jesus around to those who do not know Him
      4. Build Communities
        • By providing community support to enhance the wellbeing of today and tomorrow’s society

This mission are being served through CAVALS and Footprints.

What do we do?

Voluntary Service

Pearl of Hope has been operating as a voluntary liaison service between UK based contributors and Sri Lanka; we are in the processes of applying for charitable status which we hope be obtained in 2017.

Run by Faith

CAVALS and Footprints are charitable organisations established on Christian principles and are both run by faith. From their inception, the founders were led not to ask for any of the organisations immediate needs but rather to seek God in prayer. This faith has stood the test of time and Jesus has always provided their day to day needs.

Practical Support

The primary focus of both organisations is to provide ‘hands on’ support and direction in required areas among the communities they served. The initial beginnings were founded due to the lack of Christian literature in Sri Lanka, and the need to spread the truth of Jesus beyond a small Christian community; through the leading of the Lord, this has grown into much more. The original outreach programmes were centred around their offices, mainly in the rural parts of Colombo. Gradually, as the Lord opened doors, they were able to expand and assist communities across the country.

Raising Awareness

In a developing country such as Sri Lanka, small scale charitable organisations face significant challenges. The primary objective of Pearl of Hope is to raise awareness of the programmes conducted by CAVALS and Footprints, and to support them financially, operationally and strategically. We run on a not for profit basis and all our efforts and funds are directly routed to the works in Sri Lanka. We are committed to maintaining transparency and accountability in all our work, and some of our Board Members are directly involved in the managerial aspects of the programmes.

Our History

Please explore our timeline to find out about our history, which starts way back in the 1950s.