Water and Toilet Project - Kegalle

One of our objectives at CAVALS is to support the wider community. One of those projects is in a small poor village in the Kegalle District.  This area suffered from poor sanitation and 25 of the poorest families using very primitive toilets were identified as candidates for our support. CAVALS constructed toilets for them.  

We became aware that the villagers had to travel over mountainous terrain to collect water from fresh water springs.  CAVALS built a large well with a water tank and channeled water to the homesteads.  Resultantly, taps are now within close reach of the villagers alleviating their need to walk for miles to access water. In addition, CAVALS also constructed a few tube wells for use by the villagers.

It was the women who benefited the most from this project as it was they who travelled to collect and transport the water. This is the first of these projects and in keeping with our objectives, we intend to roll out similar programs to other regions in Sri Lanka.